Many people overestimate what they will do in one year because they continue to raise money digitally, and neglect what they would lose over ten years.

Therefore I always advise greenhorn bloggers to focus on the primary $100 instead of the $100K.

That said, how could we have created an creative blog and won more than $5000 just 30 days later?

 Step 1) How to Come Up With Website Ideas

Making money online is something that many individuals, including several different backgrounds, are involved in.

As soon as we started we got people requesting us how to start their first blog. And once their blog had started, how could they make money from it?

Some also asked us for them to create websites.

There was a getting answer to, way out of hard question people needed help!

It was obvious from the feedback we received and from our own analysis that there was a marke

 Step 2) – Take Action


1.      IDEA
2.      DOMAIN
6.      ADD PAGES


Step 3) – Build a Brand

Branding isn’t anything that other people care much of.

But it is essential to get branding. Anyone takes to be true something about the page.

Domain Name

Branding is not something that other people care much of.

But it is essential to do branding. This is what somebody’s feeling about the page.

Blog Design

When your blog doesn’t look fine, instead your name is poorly represented. I’m not saying there’s a lot of money you have to spend, we didn’t.

We started by purchasing a $80 premium theme and having a custom logo made. We tried to keep the website clear and quick to understand.

Step 4– Create Compelling Content

We needed to get traffic first, to earn profits. We needed to create fun content first, to get traffic.

We have learned a mass about content making.

Writing on the nets carefully worked design to get a mass of trade goods against the law is simple ‘makes come into existence surprising content.’

Step 5) – The No Leakage Rule

The rule of no leakage exists anytime you create a website in such a manner that either a reader signs up for what you sell, or they leave the site.

Let me further explain:

The purpose of the Income Diary is to get people to subscribe to our email list. Now we need to hold distracts to a minimum to do this most.

That means no banner advertising, no blog roll, no ties to top pundits and so on…

When a domain user leaves our page for an advertiser to glance at, they do not sign up for our email list.

It’s the same explanation why we don’t want to connect to the guest bloggers at the bottom of blog entries, so if our guests search their page, they don’t sign up for our list.

Step 6) – Blog Funnel System

It’s just about bringing the tourists to travel where you want them to go, or I’m trying to claim, how to channel them to the place you like.

Our blog is targeted at bringing you to subscribe to our mailing list.

So that’s how we make much of our profits.

Step 7) – Free eCourse

I’d clarify to those signed up that “If you decide to make more money, you might have to invest some money” – not a ton of money just a little if you really want to be serious about blogging. (Minor to $100). I have gave special domain name packages and networking benefits, such as the first months of networking.

Step 8) – Selling Your Own Product

When we build items for sale on Income Diary we care of what our readers want most.

New bloggers’ two main challenges are having visitors and earning profits.

Step 9) Making Money Online and Reinvesting

Much of our growth has been attributed to the way we responded to making profits.

We reinvested it as we are making money. We might have began our blog with a limited budget but we made it a lot better as soon as we had the funds.

I wasn’t completely happy with blog theme, so sometime I spent customizing the design. It involved a major improvement to the site – enabling everyone to get a wide opt-in box shown.

We also used some custom graphics in the side-bar to direct visitors to our pages producing the best revenue. We have bought Income Diary ads which weren’t anything we would usually endorse for a new blog at the moment, but profits per user were so high that we could afford to buy traffic.

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